Oaks Heat & Air is one of those companies that you are truly glad you found during every step of the AC repair process. If my wife and I need AC or Heating repairs we wont hesitate to call them again.
    Let me take a moment to explain so that you see what I mean.

    About a month ago our upstairs AC started to go out so my wife and I called the home warranty company and a service company of their choice was set up to come out. The company was in and out of our house within 10 minutes leaving us two high priced options and a feeling that we were going to be taken advantage of with either choice.

    After talking about it we decided that we needed to get a second opinion on our own and leave the home warranty company out of it. We remembered that Oaks Heat & Air had done a great job replacing our downstairs unit several years ago so I decided to give them a call for a quote. I told him on the phone what had happened and that he would be a "second opinion". He didn't have a problem with this at all and came out to check on the AC. Keep in mind that he no longer contracts for the home warranty company so if we continue to pursue the repair threw the home warranty company he is out of the picture.

    From the moment Gary walked in the front door we felt like we had made the right decision and that we would be taken care of as customers and not numbers.

    After taking the time to truly check all components of the unit he let us know our options and helped us make a smart decision based on the age of the upstairs unit and cost. He spent time with us to make sure that we understood what was going on with our unit and what the possible end result would be for our options.
    It was refreshing to actually have a contractor in our home that still believes in customer service and takes pride in their work.
    Needles to say we had Oaks AC & Heating replace our upstairs unit without the home warranty company being involved.

    They did a fantastic job replacing the outside unit and the coil in the attic while I was out of town on business. Our outside unit is now keeping the upstairs cool without running all day and night so this should provide lower energy costs as the icing on the cake.

    We will be ignoring the home warranty and calling Oaks AC & Heating directly for all service calls from now on.

    thumb Ron M.